Wall Drawing #1

One day I was lying down on my bed and looking at the wall in my bedroom. There was a big blank wall. I tried to install a shelf the other day, but the wall couldn’t hold the weight. The shelf fell and the candle case I most cherished was broken. So I left my wall empty since then.

Then one Sunday morning, I realized that I have a big CANVAS, not a blank WALL. I grabbed black masking tape and started making graphic pattern.

When I studied at CCA, I took Media Matter class with Geoff Kaplan. I was fascinated by the idea of making images based on rules rather than by my composition. During the class, I learned the conceptual artist Sol LeWitt’s process for his wall drawing series as examples. His works were instructions themselves, while other people executed the actual wall drawings. Technical skill to create wall drawings was not an issue anymore; anyone could create amazing works based on Sol’s instruction and beyond that.  

As a visual designer, I am always attracted to geometry. Geometry is the purest state of forms. It’s simple but also strong and confident. It represents the complex environment and simplifies it at the same time. That’s why I have always been interested in geometry and that’s why I decided to develop my wall drawing instructions to make exciting geometric patterns.

My first wall drawing was made based on the instruction below:

  • Use 30cm long black tape.

  • Three lines should meet at every point with the angle of 0, 45, and 90 degree.

  • Once the line hits the other line, the line stops.

  • Drawing should be executed from left to right.