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UX/UI, Web Design
Created: 2015
Current Site:

Redesign of The Bark website focusing on creating a more intuitive, responsive and engaging experience. This is a sample project to showcase my UX/UI design thinking. I have redesigned the current The Bark website to be more intuitive, responsive, and engaging.


The Bark is an award-winning magazine highlighting modern dog culture. Over the past eighteen years, The Bark has chronicled America’s love for dogs, the evolving status of canine pets, and their role in society. Subsequently, it addresses the incredible rise in services and products associated with this cumulative growth. The Bark is now the recognized expert on the social/cultural world of dogs in America, and what they mean to American dog lovers. “” is the online platform for the magazine; this includes an archive of all past issues and is a central hub for the dog-loving community.


  • Re-imagine the heavy-handed advertising layout

  • Simplify site architecture, which is currently difficult to navigate because there are too many (repetitive) categories

  • Simplify the text heavy layout

  • Improve personalization


The Bark is about the bond between people and dogs. My approach in redesigning the website was to engage people (contributors, dog owners, researchers, scientists, and just-plain-old-dog-lovers) by narrowing down the categories to be less repetitive and simplifying the text heavy layouts. Specifically, I:

  • Designed a new navigation system, which allows readers to understand where they are within the site.

  • Highlight stories of contributors and readers

  • Encourage people to share their stories

  • Create a sub-table of content for a longer article

  • Personalization - “Save the article” feature

  • Showcase the Bark's history

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